Membership is due annually and is for a 12 month period. Our membership year commences on the 1st of January each year and is valid until the 31st of December. For new members joining mid season, their membership will still run until 31st December (and not 12 months from the date of joining).

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Terms & Conditions
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  • Will be erased if I resign my membership by writing to the Club.
  • To provide me with updates regarding Club activities, including tournaments & fundraising.
  • I am aware that my photograph or video image may be taken whilst attending or participating in activities connected with the club and I consent to it being used by the club for items like promotional documentation or social media.
  • I consent to having my mobile number stored on tennis club mobile phone.
  • We/I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time by writing to the club.

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Floodlights are included in the membership cost.

Keys for the club house & courts can be purchased from Mary McGrath at a cost of €5.

Once the membership form is submitted, you can register for an account for our court booking system on our site. If you already have an account, your existing credentials will still be active. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it on the Sign In page.